Mukaase Restaurant

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Mukaase serves a wide variety of West African dishes: Jollof rice with amazingly savoury gravy as an accompaniment to grilled tilapia, stewed goat or beef, or baked chicken flavoured with a special seasoning mix. Then it is an absolute must for you to stay for the soups – Fish or goat pepper soup (Mpusuo). Fufu and Omutuo must only be enjoyed with my palm or peanut butter soups with just the perfect ratio of meats, select veggies and spices. The aprapransa at Mukaase is an experience you should treat yourself to. Waakye– dark and lovely! If your preference is for grilled or stir fried veggies, you can have that too. There’s a lot more to discover at Mukaase.

The cozy space at Mukaase also serves as a hub for writers and performance artists. Roberta  regularly holds book readings and performance events.  This is how she connects her passion for writing and food.