Talking Robbish front
Talking Robbish

Talking Robbish is about love and life. The  pain and the humor in living and how it manifests in our attempt to face or escape reality. Talking Robbish is the debut of an ‘accidental poet’, Robbie Ajjuah Fantini, who found vent at the tip of her pen, expressing with poignant candour feelings and observations about humanity and her private journeys.

This brief collection of poems is a fascinating read, and invites attention to what most people miss because of the busyness of making a living. The poet, in this case, arrests you in your tracks to force you to consider the everyday–the common, the ridiculous, the humorous, the strangeness of it all–this brief life of ours. It’s about love lost or what it means to have relationships that transcend the physical, and all the other things.

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The Children of Abuta Village Front Cover
The Children of Abuta Village

Once upon a time, there was a happy place, a village on the  other side of the land. It was a place very much like your town or at least like how you’d like it to be. It is called Abuta! Now let me tell you about the people, the delightful people of Abuta; the children of Abuta Village.

The Children of Abuta Village, Robbie Ajjuah Fantini’s debut children’s reader is a folktale styled story of life in Abuta village as seen through the eyes of children. Robbie, takes us back a long time ago where people from many other places always visited Abuta just to share the secret of that beautiful place. For Abuta was known as a village of laughter, fun, joy, and happiness.

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